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Invoking and Banishing Air

The elementary basics of ritual are the Elements themselves. The first element is the Element of Air. It's normally attributed to the East and to the Mind. The First World of Creation is the Element of Air. It's the Archetypes from which everything is manifested. Without this initial thought, without the Archetypes, nothing can exist.

The ancient symbol for the Air Element is a circle with a vertical line extending above it. The circle represents Spirit which has no beginning and no ending, it's continuous and ever-lasting. Since Air rises, it's natural to think of Air as "arising out of Spirit." We use this symbol for the Element of Air and acknowledge there are several others which could be used.

It's important to understand that any symbol can be used to represent anything. Symbols are important only in what they mean to us. Yes, there are Universal Symbols but these often have different meanings according to different authors.

A circle, for example, is a symbol for Spirit but it's also a symbol of infinity, unity and community. In our discussions of ritual, the circle will represent the Element of Spirit and the Circle with an upward pointing line at the top, where the line is about as long as the circle is wide, will represent the Element of Air.

You're free to read these instructions and use your own symbols. You're free to alter these instructions to suit your own purposes. Ritual is individual because Magick is individual. Ritual is universal because a lot of people use the same symbols. You get to decide how you want to do your own rituals.

You make the symbol for the Element of Air by facing East with your index finger pointing straight ahead at eye level. Draw a circle in the air from that point clockwise to a point about level with your lower belly (Foundation or Matrix = Yesod) and back to the beginning point. Your lower belly is below your belly button and above your pubic line. Then draw a vertical line straight up as far as you can reach. Imagine or visualize the line you draw to create this symbol as a bright celestial yellow colored flame about an inch thick. Imagine or visualize this flaming yellow colored flame completely filling the circle of your symbol. Also imagine or visualize that you can easily see through this transparent yellow colored flame. Imagine or visualize these things.

You've just completed the second part of the Invocation of the Element of Air Ritual. The first part is to have a good intention in mind before invoking the Element of Air. If you don't have a good intention in mind, the Element of Air will come at your calling and do what it thinks is best for you at the time. This can be positive or negative. If that's what you want, you can skip the first step. Or, you can decide that's going to be your intention and state it as something like: "I invoke you to improve my mind by doing what needs to be done without harm to me or anyone."

The third part of the ritual is to state your purpose in the form of: "I invoke you to _____" and fill in the blank. This intention is related to the World of Air, the World of the Mind. Your intention can be to remove mental confusion, improve mental concentration or attention, improve memory or memory recall, expand your mind, improve your attitude or anything the World of Air controls. The World of Air is your mind, your thoughts and ideas, imagination, memory, attitudes, concentration and attention. So choose any of these things as your purpose.

The fourth part of the ritual is to leave it open to allow the Element of Air to do whatever it is you request. This may take a few moments or a few hours at your option. You could invoke Air to assist you with your attention today and leave the ritual open all day long. You could also invoke Air to assist you with your attention today and close the ritual within a few moments. How long you leave the ritual open is entirely up to you. Our preference is to meditate for a few minutes and close the ritual. But, it's your ritual and your choice. You may leave the ritual open for a whole day and close it in the evening. You can even leave it open while you sleep but it will close automatically before you awake to a new day.

The fifth part of the ritual is to close the ritual. This is done by facing East and tracing the Circle of Air in front of you in a counter-clockwise manner. Then complete the symbol by drawing the vertical line. Imagine this symbol as a flaming bright transparent yellow color as before. Then thank the Element of Air for performing the requested service. Something like this: "Thank you for assisting me with ____ (fill in the blank according to your intention) and I release you from this duty. At the same time I banish all negative thoughts and ideas, all negative attitudes and all negative thought energy far away from me."

This completes the Invocation of Air Ritual.

The Banishing of Air Ritual is done by drawing a counter-clockwise circle of bright yellow transparent flame with a vertical tail as previously done. This is the first part. The second part is to state your intention as "I banish all negative thoughts and ideas, negative mental energy and attitudes, from within and around me. I banish you far away from me." Your intention is to keep away any negative thoughts, ideas, beliefs, attitudes and negative thought forms. Choose what you wish to banish and use those words. These two parts constitute the whole of the Banishing of Air Ritual.

We suggest you practice both invoking and banishing Air every morning for one week and see how things go for you. If you need more practice, use as much time as you need. When you feel comfortable invoking and banishing Air, proceed to the Element of Fire.

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